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For information about the Wessex Magical Association, please contact:
The Secretary, Jana Bundy – Tel: 01258 454 232
  e-mail secretary@wmagic.co.uk

or the President, Jon Gadd
  e-mail president@wmagic.co.uk

To send articles or ask questions about the house magazine, "The Flame"
  e-mail flame@wmagic.co.uk

Council Members

President/President Elect

Jon Gadd


Ken Leonard


Jana Bundy


Paul Hyland


Stuart Ritchie


Noel Spreadbury



Other Officers

Publicity Officer

Steve Bowring


Stephen Lickman

Membership Secretary

Jana Bundy

"Flame" Editor

Stuart Ritchie

Welfare Officer

Derek Roberts

Librarian & Webmaster

Roger Barton

All council members and officers of the WMA are honorary.

If you wish to see a list of the Honorary Past Presidents of the WMA, please click this link


jon gadd ken leonard jana paul hyland
Jon Gadd Ken Leonard Jana Bundy Paul Hyland
Stu Ritchie noel spreadbury steve bowring Derek Roberts
Stu Ritchie Noel Spreadbury Steve Bowring Derek Roberts
steve lickman roger barton
Steve Lickman Roger Barton

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